Love Story Game for Girl

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In our story games, you make the choices! Choice games with many episodes and without taboos! What’s your love story®? Make decisions, choose your story and enjoy dream romance novels for adults! Ultimate collection of interactive steamy stories in which you choose your destiny: taboo themes, dating games and real romance await in Love Story ®! Unlimited interactive stories for everyone’s taste! Decisions making has never been easy, but there are no wrong choices when it comes to picking a visual novel from our collection. You can start with a classical real romance stories such as PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and THE AMAZING JANE EYRE, or with some steamier, riskier chapters and episodes, such as the ones you can find in MAFIA BABY DADDY, THE BILLIONAIRE PROPOSAL, SEDUCING THE CEO and many, many more. Build your own story in the world of fictional interactive stories: * You are the main character in your taboo game! * All romance stories have multiple endings! * Many episodes make your reading pleasure last longer! * Intriguing choices change the plot of your interactive story games! * Romance novels, adult stories, taboo or relationship games with handsome guys… * Decision games with many choices give you the freedom you always dreamt of! * BRAND NEW ROMANCE NOVELS for adults coming out all the time – no need to update, love stories and chapters are added automatically! * NEW CHAPTERS DAILY! easy control just drag and drop

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